Hathaway Calculator

About the Hathaway Scholarship

The State of Wyoming has established a generous scholarship program to reward eligible new Wyoming high school graduates with scholarship money to attend the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college within two years of high school graduation.

Three levels of the Hathaway Scholarship are available for up to four years at a community college and/or UW: Opportunity, Performance, and Honors. A fourth level, the Provisional Opportunity, is available for two years at a community college with an option to earn two additional years at UW.

You may also want to view the official Department of Education Hathaway Requirements Rubric Chart or Website.  Please keep in mind that the requirements for 2016 graduates and beyond have been revised.  The revised requirements can be found on the new 2016 Hathaway Flow Chart.

About the Calculator

The Hathaway Scholarship Calculator is intended to provide you with your current eligibility status and help you plan what is necessary to complete eligibility or move to a higher level of the Hathaway Scholarship.

The calculator does not guarantee that you will receive the Hathaway Scholarship, it is merely a tool to help you plan for your college future in Wyoming.