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Did you know that those who hold a bachelor’s degree make $1,000,000 more over their lifetime than someone with a high school diploma? That’s a lot of cash! The Wyoming College Access Advisors are here to make sure everyone has a chance to make the most out of their educational opportunities.

Our Mission Statement: To increase the number of students matriculating from schools with lower college attendance rates; particularly those students who are low income, underserved and first generation.

Who are the advisors and where do they work?

The Wyoming College Access Advisors (WyCAA) is made up recent college graduates or “near-peers,” as we call them, serving in high schools around Wyoming. Katrina Clymer is at Sheridan; Amy Covington is at Natrona and Kelly Walsh; and Kelcie Hamilton is at Torrington.

What do the advisors do?

The College Access Advisors was started with the specific purpose of increasing access to higher education for first generation and low income students. However, they offer their services to any student who wishes to know more about the college application process, needs help deciding on schools and majors, filling out scholarship application forms, and completing the FAFSA. The Advisors work within their assigned high schools, helping students, no matter their grade, in the college search and application process. Some Advisors are also assigned a Community College in Wyoming to help students transition from a two-year institution to a four-year college or University.

What is the importance of their work? Why do they do it?

WyCAA is meant to alleviate the stress that comes along with applying for college, both for the student and the parent, as well as foster a college-going culture in the community as a whole. Choosing schools, deciding on majors, meeting application deadlines, filling out the FAFSA and generally preparing for the next chapter in their lives are all daunting tasks, particularly to those students whose parents are unfamiliar with the process. The WyCAA is here to help, create awareness, increase access and ensure that each student is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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